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Stephen Perlstein

Stephen is a Los Angeles based writer for television, his credits include Wabbit — A Looney Tunes Production that is currently airing on Cartoon Network, and Dance Moms on Lifetime. He has also written for LA Weekly, UCB Comedy, and more. Stephen’s also the Editor in Chief of Hence.LA, a satiric website about Los Angeles.

Stephen is the creative director for Media Nursery, LLC a full service brand marketing shop, that specializes in post production.

Stephen’s also a sales and advertising director of Feral Audio, and the creator of Boardwalk Audio.

Stephen is a member of Local Business Comedy, a trio that released Kreezus, a full album Christmas parody of Kanye West’s Yeezus, that was featured on MTV, Slate, and Billboard. Local Business also sold a web series that’s being produced by Wit.TV.

Stephen has some how gotten acting jobs for a handful of commercials, and even more BuzzFeed videos.

Stephen’s also a runner, reader, podcaster, vegetarian, improviser, comedian, meditator, and producer, just like everyone else in Los Angeles.

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