Antica Trattoria della Pesa – Damn good. Killed a bottle of Lambrusco and had an amazing tortellini here. Best meal of the trip.

Deus Cafe – stopped by here for a drink. Cool spot, lots of locals, not too far off the beaten path.

Anche – super good food, enjoyed la sbagliata (pork cutlet). Super local vibe, great food. Just, yeah, worth checking out some real Milanese food.

Piz – Good pizza, limited menu, tourists aren’t welcome. But go anyway.

Pavé Milano – lovely little breakfast pastries.

Ratanà – good not amazing.


Wine class at Enó Milan – A wine tasting is such a great way to drink, have a conversation with a local, and learn something new. Highly recommend doing it wherever you go, but Steven (the person who guided us through the tasting) was great.

Duomo di Milano – didn’t take the time to go in, but impressive to see. There was a Christmas market around the perimiter while we were there, and it was cute.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Yeah, ya gotta walk through i..

Driving – honestly not that hard. It’s busy, but it’s do-able.

Shopping – North East of the Duomo. Lots of high end places that were fun to pretend to be shopping at.

Thrifting – There were a lot of thrift shops with a lot of cool stuff. Alyse got some cool clothes and honestly I saw a lot of stuff I like. Italians, fashionable bunch.

Bought some wine – If you go to Milan, feel free to bring me back some wine. Enoteca Iemmallo was where we went, and they packaged up the wine in bubble wrap in paper so we could bring it back. I even brought back a 3 liter bottle, that they packaged up and it survived.

I Navigli – seems a lot like a bunch of tourist trap restaurants and tchotchkes being sold. Cute, sure, but not overly needed to visit.

Cimitero Monumentale – well, Alyse thought she was taking us to a castle, but instead we went to a cemetery. It was actually beautiful and peaceful. Incredible tombs and statues. If you’re down for it, it could be worth a stroll.

Castello Sforzesco – this was the castle. Interesting, but only if you’re into that stuff.

Parco Sempione – we had a nice walk through this park to get to the Castello. Beautiful. Watch out for people trying to give you bracelets or other dumb tourist bullshit.


Hyatt Centric Milano Centrale – a decent stay, parking, nice legitimately helpful staff. We got upgraded to a room with a Turkish spa, and maybe I don’t understand what that was but, it wasn’t that exciting.

Additional Tips:

  • Download offline maps – you’ll end up without service more often than you’d like.
  • If you’re thinking about renting a car, here are some thoughts
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