Everyone needs tools to keep their financial life in order. From budgeting, to saving, ever day spending to retirement planning there are different tools for different jobs. I figured I’d do a quick run through a quick outline of what I use and why.

Disclaimer, I’m not a financial planner, do your own research, but this stuff works for me.


Mint – Mint links to all of your accounts, helps you identify patterns of spending, set budgets, and more. It’s a pretty powerful tool, and really helped me get a firm grasp on my spending. I use it much less these days, as I believe I’ve developed pretty good spending habits, but Mint was a key tool in getting me to develop those habits.


Credit Cards

Chase Sapphire Reserve – This is my everyday card. Costs more money than most credit cards annually, but has many perks that go well with travel. One key to remember here is that you can use Chase Sapphire Reserve points to book on their travel portal, at thousands of hotels, as well as transfer those points to many other hotels and airlines, and use them directly with their partners. I’ve transferred many points to Hyatt, and it’s worked out really well for me, accruing more points to specific rewards categories.

Chase Freedom Unlimited – This credit card gets me more points for non-travel and non-restaurant spending than my Sapphire card. So I use this more, for other categories, and transfer my Ultimate Reward Points over to my Sapphire.

Chase World of Hyatt – This is a new card for me, but I love the Hyatt perks, and I’m rolling with it.

American Express Cash Magnet – I started with American Express back when it was Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express. Now I just kinda keep this no-fee card around in case any vendors offer large discounts with Amex, which happens sometimes.

Chase Ink Business – I set up my business with this credit card. Ink Business Preferred might be a more premium card, but this works for my purposes.


Chase Checking – Reliable, everywhere, relatively cheap.

Quickbooks – Gotta keep track of business spending and pay, so this is a pretty good place to do it.


Wealthfront – I’ve got a lot to say about Wealthfront on this post. Check it out. Wealthfront is cool




Retirement Planning





Credit Score

Chase Checking

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