Ready Player One” is a novel taking place in the near future where the entire world spends almost all of their time playing a virtual reality game called OASIS. The story centers around Wade Watts and his quest to find an Easter Egg left by the games creator after his death. The prize for finding the easter egg: ownership of the game, and massive fortune.

“Ready Player One” hooked my attention with great story and references to nerd culture of decades long past. The narrative takes all the twists and turns of a great epic, the stakes are constantly raised, the heroes journey keeps pressing forward, and I keep reading.

I’ll admit this book does lack a little character depth, but I don’t know that it really bothered me.

The story takes place in a crazy world, where there are wizards, robots, massive guns, teleportation, and the entire worlds of “The Lord of The Rings,” and “Blade Runner.” But, it still manages to keep heightening so well.

“Ready Player One” is a great read for Gen X nerds, or anyone who identifies with them. I can’t wait to read Ernest Cline’s next novel, “Armada,” which will be released in a few weeks.

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ready-player-one-by-ernest-clineA great read for Gen X nerds, or anyone who identifies with them.