Whatcha Gonna Do? The Hulk Hogan Movie Podcast Part 2

Sep 5, 2017

This week we once again welcome Stephen Perlstein – comedian, writer, and cohost of the podcasts “You Should Love Wrestling” and “I Love You and I Like You: A Parks and Recreation Podcast.”  Like us, Stephen is not a wrestling fan, so logically, we have both started podcasts to discuss wrestlers for hundreds of hours, watched an absurd number of wrestling matches, and now join each other on this podcast for a two hour conversation about famous wrestler Hulk Hogan.  Here in hour two of that discussion, we review all things Hulk Hogan – including bandanas, occupational therapy, the 1998 romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail,” Whitney Cummings, Vanna White, fossil fuels, campaign financing, and bodyslam technique.  Don’t miss it.

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