I serve as the Executive Producer to Wild Wild Tech, a podcast that tells stories of how tech shapes our culture in wild ways.

Would you be surprised to find out scientists are using World of Warcraft to learn how to fight COVID-19? What if I told you that I could spoil almost any movie based on who uses an iPhone? Or how about the fact that Disney is afraid of butts? Well, that’s Wild Wild Tech, the podcast that brings you the wildest, most bizarre, most interesting stories about how tech is shaping our culture.

Hosted by Jordan Erica Webber and Joshua Rivera, every week on Wild Wild Tech we’ll uncover infamous stories at the intersection of pop culture and tech, learn from the experts, and talk to the people who lived through some truly strange tales. These are the tech stories that are seldom told – but once you hear them, you won’t be able to forget them.

These are the stories that are seldom told, but once you hear them, you’ll never forget.

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