I Know I Am, But What Are You?
by Samantha Bee

As someone who finds Samantha Bee VERY funny, I found this book less than stellar. Let me be clear, I’d recommend it to Samantha Bee fans. But, it’s stale at times. I don’t know if this is Sam Bee’s fault. But, I think many of these autobiographies, when they get into their childhood gets boring. I don’t know why. It even seemed like Sam had an interesting childhood really, but I often think, “Ehhhh, so your parents were a bit weird, and you got upset at their weirdness. So what? Get to the real stories.” Maybe childhoods just aren’t that interesting to me. But, when I got in to the teenage years, I found those particularly funny, interesting, and juicy. And by the time we got to the end, with the story of a gift for Jason Jones, I was laughing loudly, and enjoying the raw, painful truth of it all. Cheers to that.

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i-know-i-am-but-what-are-you-by-samantha-beeI'd recommend it to Samantha Bee fans. But, it's stale at times.