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The Growing YouTube Podcast Space with Stephen Perlstein of Studio71

The rise of podcasts on YouTube has shocked many, but Studio71 has been at the forefront of this development for years. Studio71 currently has over 100 creator-led audio podcasts and corresponding video podcast shows. Today, Stephen Perlstein, the Senior Vice President of Studio71, shares how the world of podcasts keeps rapidly evolving, popular trends and topics in the podcast industry, and the importance of sharing your podcast on several platforms.

Influencer-led podcasts are proving popular for advertisers

0 Brands also understand the potential benefits of working with a creator who has developed an engaged following on more than one platform, said Stephen...

YouTube and TikTok stars turn to these behind-the-scenes companies to help them supercharge their...

Studio71 VP of podcasts Stephen Perlstein said Studio71 podcast revenues have grown 17% month-over-month since its 2018 launch.

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