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Improv Obsession, a fairly new podcast hosted by novice Los Angeles improviser Stephen Perlstein, has quickly become one of the best places in Podcastland to hear West Coast improvisers talk shop. Perlstein has been drawing in titans of the UCB LA improv scene for one-on-ones for months now, but this week, he’s outdone himself by booking one of the pioneers of the medium, UCB co-founder Matt Besser. The chat with Besser wisely strays away from UCB history – which is well documented elsewhere – and instead focuses on Besser’s thoughts on organic improv vs. premise-based improv, his comedy pet peeves, and his definitions for some common terms in the improv world. Host Stephen Perlstein is still new to interviewing and podcasting, but what he lacks in polish, he makes up for with a winning enthusiasm for all things improv, and this episode is both a great introduction to the show and a rare opportunity to hear a living improv legend talk nuts and bolts.

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